January 07, 2016

My Day

:: So so close to Friday now! Ready for the weekend.

:: Seems like a lot went on at work today...one of those days where I was pulled here then there and then somewhere else. Lots going on. I did accomplish quite a bit.

:: Tonight we are watching some American Idol...haven't watched this in years, but since it's the last season, why not?

:: I am excited tonight to start going through some of my new photo delivery! Gotta get to preplanning!!

:: Chris and I are talking about a day trip to Fredericksburg either this weekend or next so we can eat ALL THE FOOD we love before Daniel Plan starts on the 18th! :) That will be fun fun fun.

:: Tonight was hair night -- visited with Kasi and got all those greys covered. I'm good for another 7 weeks :) Getting old sucks.

:: So my walk with Nadene last night made me very very super snotty and then stuffy today. I am not positive they are related but I am guessing they are. We are wanting to try to do this once a week, but we shall see. Today was pretty miserable for moi.

I love you all -- but I've got the scrapbook bug and gotta go!!!

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