December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

:: Today, work was productive and consisted of some meetings, some fun, and some planning...

:: Tomorrow, it will be a skeleton, Susie and Vanessa will be the only ones in our department. Everyone else will be off. I'm looking forward to my four day weekend over the New Year's holiday!!! Hopefully it will be a very very quiet day tomorrow!!!

:: Weighed tonight...I've lost another pound!! Yay!

:: Our construction at work is coming to a close...weird that it is nearly done. They added on a ton of space to the back of our building, and departments are moving all around. Once those departments move into their new areas, then phase 2 will begin where they vacated. Marketing -- we're at least phase 3. Maybe 4!

:: I'm well into season 2 on Grey's Anatomy, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something gets me almost every episode!

:: Tonight I am going to make pine bark...then tomorrow, after our Christmas Eve church service, I will make our snacks -- queso dip, veggies and fiesta ranch dip, rye bread dip, and cheese/crackers/sausage. Yum yum!!

:: That's all for now...more tomorrow!

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