December 22, 2015

Tuesday was Good

: This week, thankfully, has been fairly quiet! It has been nice to hear the thoughts in my head again...and to concentrate on some work!

: Chris is taking off on Christmas Eve -- he and Mimi are going to have lunch together and do some last minute shopping with all the other crazies...I will be safely at the office!!

:: We had to take Ocho in to the vet on Monday. He had a rough weekend and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain. For about a week and a half, he's had good days, then bad days, back and forth. We thought it was his stomach at first (he has some stomach issues from time to time), but he's been eating just fine. He's favoring his right front leg and walking a little weird. So, the vet did an exam and didn't find anything glaringly wrong...then he did an xray. Still, everything looked fine. He did notice some calcium buildup beginning on his spine and thinks he may be in the early stages of arthritis. He gave him a pain shot, which helped immensely! He also sent me home with some different pain meds...they have helped but not as well as the shot. We'll see how things are the next few days and go from there. Poor's sad to see him hurting :(

:: I need to put in a photo order soon...I got 175 pics prepared at the crop on Saturday, and I only have three more days of our recent Fredericksburg trip left to prepare. Then, all of my photos will be printed! I have never been at this point. Of course, I am always taking more photos...but it feels good to be so caught up for now!

:: I am about 60% through the next book club book,'s been very interesting! It is written from a five year old's perspective and vocabulary, so it definitely took some getting used to at first. But once that becomes more normal, it's easier to focus on the story and I'm curious to see where it will end up. It's about a woman who was kidnapped and has been held prisoner for 7 years...and she got pregnant by the kidnapper...and the book is from that little boy's perspective. So far, I would recommend it! I'll keep you posted...

:: Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

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