January 17, 2016

Good Weekend Filled with Food

:: It's always so sad when the weekend draws to a close..but we had a good one!

:: Friday after work, Chris and I headed to Miguel's for dinner. We enjoyed our time there, and we sat in Blake's section (Aspen's ex-boyfriend)...it's always good to see him, and he treated us well (= free queso!!). Afterwards, we headed home to relax.

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran 16 miles with Kiki and then brought doughnuts home for breakfast! Then I headed to Kim's house for the January crop! It was a good day with the girls. I worked on our Aruba trip album a bit, and then spent a good chunk of time doing planning for the Daniel Plan. I did weekly menus for all 6 weeks of the challenge, and worked on daily eating plans as well. Chris and I are all ready!! Tomorrow is Day 1!!

:: Saturday evening, Chris and I decided to eat at Abuelo's, and Kiki and his wife Blaise met us there. We enjoyed our time with them and Jayden, their son. Then we headed home for more relaxing.

:: Sunday's church was very good, and then we did the grocery shopping. We had lunch at Red Robin and then I spent the day doing laundry, taking down the Christmas decorations (finally!!!!) and getting things ready for the week ahead. Chris started a "re-bake" on our pool plaster -- they came out and decided that it needed to be redone a bit because it wasn't settling as intended. So Chris poured in 11 gallons of acid, and the re-bake begins. He has to brush the pool three times a day for the next three days. Then we'll see.

:: I'm still feeling icky...not horrible, but a bit achy and still can't breathe well. I am going to try to get an appointment with our nurse practitioner tomorrow. Maybe she can give me a shot or some antibiotics.

:: Ocho took his last dose of meds on Monday, and then we've been watching him without it per the vet's instruction. He's been good for days, and then today he woke up and was bad again. His legs aren't working well, and he seems to be in pain. He had a bad day today. So I'll be calling the vet tomorrow to get more meds. I think he is going to need to stay on it for the inflammation help. Poor guy.

:: Please say a prayer for my grandma Flo -- I found out this morning that they rushed her into emergency surgery for a clogged bile duct (if I understand correctly). Thankfully the surgery went well, and she seems to be recovering well. Hopefully she will mend quickly and not have any additional issues. She'll need to go back in a month to have the stint removed...prayers prayers prayers...

:: The week ahead -- we are ready for the Daniel Plan! It is pretty much company wide, so it will be interesting to see how everyone adjusts to it. For the Fitness portion, I'm upping my game to workouts 4 days a week for 45 minutes each. Currently I have been doing 3-4 days a week, for 30 minutes or less. Wish us luck!!!

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