January 18, 2016

Daniel Has Begun!

:: Monday and that equals yoga at lunch!! I am really enjoying this new workout I've taken up, and it was a success today too. Really feeling good.

:: Today was day 1 of the Daniel Plan! It was interesting to see people making healthy choices and talking together and dare I say it -- with some excitement! People are struggling with no caffeine, but it will only be a few days before they're feeling better. I personally am stuffed...I couldn't even eat all of my snacks. It's also great to see all the people working out and taking classes and getting on that treadmill!

:: Watched some Grey's while I waited for Chris and Kiki to finish their run...season three is going great!

:: In my Bible reading, I am now out of Job and back into Genesis. We're up to Abraham and Sarah having their baby at a very old age.

:: Received a good report on my grandma today...she is thankfully not in any pain and they think she'll get to go home on Wednesday. God is good!

:: I called the vet first thing this morning, and picked up some Metacam for him. Took it home and gave him a dose, and he started feeling better quickly...thankfully!!! He'll be taking a dose every morning to keep him in tip top shape. We can't stand to see it when he's in pain and losing some of his facilities. Thank goodness this med helps!

:: And so...I think that's all I've got today!

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