January 11, 2016


:: Oh Monday Monday -- you're kind of a little witch, aren't you??? It wasn't a bad day. Not really. It just seems that my new reality so far this year has been me pinging all over the place. One thing, then another, then another. No focus. No time to concentrate. It's really wearing me out.

:: I did something new today that I am excited about! I took a yoga class at lunch and I loved it! Katie, our wellness director, led an amazing class. It was relaxing but also challenging. I am going to be going every Monday at lunch, except on those days when Mimi has an appointment or etc. I'm really looking forward to it. The best part -- the last five minutes, we laid completely still and listened to a beautiful worship song. So perfect. Right on track with my goal of BE STILL. It doesn't get any better than that.

:: After work, I did the grocery shopping -- forgot to take my flats, so did it in heels. That, no no no, is never fun. Got some healthy foods to get us into the swing of things, so we can start on The Daniel Plan next week!

:: Haven't watched Greys in a few days...so tonight, I'm getting an episode in while the laundry is going.

:: I received the bracelet that I bought to help me through my goal this year -- it is a silver cuff that says BE STILL -- it is perfect! Visual reminders are key!

:: I found out that my grandma used to have a Baileys on ice every night before bed back in the day...it's no wonder that I like it so much :)

:: Paying some bills...then doing my Bible reading. Another day almost in the books.

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