January 12, 2016

Week is Moving Slow

:: It feels like it should be Thursday already...how is it only Tuesday??

:: Another crazy day, but I didn't do quite as much pinging. Thankfully. A long meeting. And we did our weigh in for the Daniel Plan contest. The company bought a super duper scale that tells a lot of different data...like BMI, Body Fat %, Hydration Levels, Metabolic Age...interesting stuff! My metabolic age is 32...not too bad! Chris' is 21!

:: This coming weekend is the January crop and I am so ready!! I've got work to do on some trip albums. It's at Kim's house and I'm looking forward to girl time :)

:: I seem to have developed -- something. I don't know what. My left nostril is completely clogged but it's leaking and running and stuffy and I am miserable. I can not breathe. My nose is raw and ugly. Need to figure out what's going on. I feel fine otherwise, but may need to take some cold medicine to see if it can kick it. Blah.

::  I think that's about all that I have today...time to read  my Bible and spend some time with my hubby...until tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

My long crop weekend too girlie. Need it. Hope yours is fun as well. And today is only Wednesday...

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