February 08, 2016

A Week Begins

:: Our Superbowl party was a lot of fun! We had three couples join us -- Kyle & Kelsey, Shaylee & Austin, and Neeley & Lauren. Great people, and we enjoyed a Daniel Plan approved feast!! I made pulled pork sandwiches on wheat buns and roasted potatoes...and also had pineapple and strawberries! Others brought hummus and veggies, Texas caviar and crackers, homemade tortilla chips with homemade salsa and guacamole, and two different Daniel-approved cookies. Oh, and popcorn!! :) I personally thought the game was a little boring -- but I wasn't necessarily watching too closely! And the commercials -- blah. The Budweiser clydesdale commercial is always my favorite and theirs was awful this year. So aggressive. I missed the warm fuzzy. A fun night with friends...

:: Poppy did so well last night during the festivities! She is getting better and better. She didn't try to bite anyone, lunge at anyone, or growl at anyone. She walked around curious, but didn't bother anyone. And she got on my lap and went to sleep -- fairly relaxed. I was very proud of her!

:: Ocho overdid it a bit -- he is pretty unstable today. He typically spends his evening resting next to one of us, but he was up and socializing all evening. It was a bit much for him. We're keeping an eye on him.

:: Yoga at lunch was so great! It's getting easier, but I have so much farther to go...

:: Ran some errands after work...then picked Chris up after his run and headed home to make breakfast for dinner. Now, I'm about to spend some Kohl's Cash on a Fitbit!!

:: Two more work days and then I'm off to retreat!!! Counting down the minutes!!!

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