February 09, 2016

One More Work Day!

:: Today was a bit crazy -- lots happening and lots to do. I have a full plate tomorrow to get everything done before I am off for three days...have to be very focused tomorrow!

:: Come on 5:00 Wednesday!!!!

:: Tonight's dinner was pretty yummy -- made hamburgers, Mediterranean quinoa, and spinach stuffed portobella mushrooms. Afterwards, I also prepped everything for a crockpot stew for tomorrow...makes my life a little easier tomorrow, but was definitely extra work tonight!

:: I believe our new bathroom decorations will be delivered tomorrow! Exited to get my Fitbit, but I think that will be next week.

:: Not sure if I mentioned it yet -- but our next book club book is called Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. I'm into Chapter 2 so it's still early. Not sure what it is about yet!! Our next meeting is at the end of the month.

:: In my Bible reading, I'm into Exodus now...have a few more days of this book. I am really loving this plan!

:: It's been a long, full day -- time to relax!

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