February 15, 2016

Our Scrapbook Retreat!

Hello there! I am home from my wonderful four day scrapbooking retreat!

Crafty Creations Retreat was amazing -- Angie, the owner, has thought of every single thing we could ever possibly need. The house was fully stocked with a full kitchen, bedding for the twin beds, towels, paper goods, etc. And a ton of scrapbook supplies for our use -- stamps and punches and embossing, paper, glitters, etc. So fun!!! She even set up a Valentine's Photo Booth for us to have some fun...and she took us on a pajama run to a nearby scrapbook store too! That was incredible!! I haven't been to a scrapbook store in so long -- they've all closed. It was heaven! I will say -- doing a retreat while on Daniel Plan is oh no fun. No fun at all. I just want to munch while I work! But, I was 100% good and I am stronger for it :) I was able to get around 208 pages done and am so pleased with that! I was cranking them out and so happy with them!

Here are a few pics of our awesome time:

Kim and I left the retreat around 4:00 on Sunday, and made it home by 6:30 -- it was so good to have a few days to relax and work on my passion and take a bath in the big jetted bathtub -- but man, it is also so good to come home! It was so good to see my hubby! We exchanged some sweet Valentine's gifts and chatted and caught up -- then we watched the season opener for the second half of Walking Dead! Wowzee, it was incredible and so good! Best one in a long time, so glad I came home in time to watch it with Chris!!

For Valentine's, I gave Chris some Vanilla Porter (his favorite beer), a bottle of cinnamon moonshine made by Tickle (from the Moonshiners show), a huge kitkat, and a one hour massage at a local spa. He bought me some beautiful flowers and a cute red ceramic bird filled with the most delicious smelling candle! Mimi gave me some Peep hearts that are now getting hard and waiting for the end of Daniel Plan on the 26th!! They'll be nice and stale by then!!

Today, Monday, I have recovered a bit and taken care of things. I've done laundry and grocery shopped and went to Kohl's and ordered a FitBit online and did dishes and watched Greys and unpacked all of my supplies, and met my hubby for lunch at Rosa's. Now that I've got this blog done, I think I will take my pups for a walk on this beautiful day!

A few updates -- Ocho seems to have good and bad days. Chris said that over the past four days of the retreat, Ocho was really good. When I got home, he was excited and he spun around and slipped a bit -- then had an unstable time. We are thinking that he did possibly have a seizure or a stroke, and he's been recovering from it -- but he does retweak it at times. Keeping an eye on him.

My skin issues on my legs -- the dermatologist's treatment is working great! The cream is helping the eczema spots a lot, and the prednizone is too. Very happy. Not completely gone, but soooo much better.

Ok, that's all I've got for today!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you for your fabulous weekend. Love the shelves on the tables which give you some extra space to leave out those items you are using often but still out of your crop space. That is awesome they thought and provided that! Know you are already counting the days until next year's crop! PTS

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