February 16, 2016

Catching Up

:: Tonight's dinner was: spaghetti squash topped with a shrimp/tomato sauce, sauted spinach, and roasted mushrooms. Tasty! I think I might have a bowl of cereal with almond milk here in a bit too -- clean, corn-only cereal. Looking forward to that! I also bought Chris some cereal, it's made of navy beans, lentils and chickpeas! His has some honey in it, and they weren't too bad actually. :) He is dying that they are made of beans though!!

:: Today is Day 30 of Daniel -- 10 more to go!! I have stuck to my detox quite well, even during the retreat (no fun). Ready for a treat though! I will NOT be gaining back any of the weight that I've lost (no no no, no more yo-yo!!!)

:: Chris and I watched some of the Grammy's last night -- verdict is: we are old. It didn't appeal to us at all. At least the performances that we saw. Maybe we missed some good ones as we flipped back and forth. I am so happy that Ed Sheeran won and Taylor too -- but oh my we are old.

:: My allergies are doing soooooo good right now! Finally kicked that sinus infection, and now I am enjoying the fruits of a clean diet -- always makes my allergies so much better. And another step, sleeping sooo good too! I am looking forward to tracking my sleep, just to see how heavy I do sleep!

:: Speaking of tracking my sleep -- my new Fitbit should be here tomorrow! I got a black one that tracks heartrate and steps and food and sleep. Looking very forward to getting it set up and hopping on that bandwagon!

:: I bought a few shirts on the Kohl's website, to use my Kohl's Cash that they reimbursed me -- had to be used online, long story. Anyway, here are the cute things that I ordered; can't wait for them to arrive:

:: And I got the email today that my next Stitch Fix has shipped! Should be here by Friday!! So -- fun things to come! I gave Kallie just a few specifications this time -- no jewelry, scarves or bags. Told her I needed some long sleeve shirts, but also need some fun items to take to Cancun in a few months! We shall see what she sends!!

:: I'm farther into Safely Home for book club, but need to get to reading because we are meeting next week!!!!

:: On Thursday/Friday, it is finally time Chris and Mimi to go enjoy Barry Manalow!!! They are really looking forward to it -- he's an icon! Should be a very good show. Happy for them and their experience together!

:: The Bible reading plan is going very well -- I'm into Leviticus now. Still Moses. I'll be there for a bit. It's just a little reading every day, very doable for someone (like me) who likes a plan and likes to stick with it!

Soooo I guess that's all I've got for today!!

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