February 17, 2016

Full On Sprint

:: I received my FitBit today!! Going through the set up process now. Nothing is easy :) Excited though!

:: Today, I felt like I ran a sprint all day long. I'm pooped. Overall it was a good day though -- I felt like some things were accomplished and as always, more tomorrow. I'm hoping for a slower pace though. I am not a runner at all, but to be sure I would much prefer a slow steady pace to a sprint!!

:: Speaking of "sprint" -- Chris and Kiki ran as fast as they could for a short period on this evening's run, and they got down into the 4 minute mile mark!! That is supremely fast!! They are so impressive!

:: We had VIPs today, and that went well...they were a chatty group, which is always nice!

:: I had another great workout this evening! My legs were like jelly when I left. Might be sore tomorrow! We are having our final weigh in for the Daniel Plan contest next Wednesday...will be interesting to see how my numbers have changed. Hopefully I have lost more weight than I am thinking -- but weight or no weight, I am feeling better and tighter and my clothes are fitting way better. That's the most important thing! Weight is just a number.

:: Chris and Mimi are very very pumped about Barry Manilow tomorrow!

:: Time for Bible reading and book club reading! Have a happy evening!

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