February 18, 2016

Weekend is Nearby!

:: I wore my Fitbit for the first time today -- last night, it showed my sleep was pretty restless with one time being awake. I did wake up once, abruptly, and turned on the light. I was dreaming something but not sure what. :) Also, I put on some lotion before I went to bed (which I don't normally do) and it made me so hot! Which made me restless. We'll see what tonight is like!

:: So far I've got over 8000 steps for the day, and my goal is 10,000. Don't think that is going to happen but we shall see.

:: I tracked my food intake today and it looks like I am eating all the right foods, but I'm still eating too many calories. Too much. So I need to cut down on that if I want to see some weight loss. Grr.

:: Today I received my Stitch Fix! It is -- ok. My photographer is not here right now, so I'll take photos over the weekend! I received a maxi dress (meh), a sweater (meh), jean shorts (not needed), a tank (maybe), a jacket (maybe). More to come on that!

:: Me and the pups are relaxing tonight! Grey's, Bible, and maybe a bath! And looking into an issue I've discovered with my Fitbit...no luck yet.

:: Tomorrow evening, we are going to Jon and Nadene's for a movie! And also to meet Venti, Nadene's mom's puppy that they are dog sitting. Can not wait!!

:: Saturday evening, we are going to the Fur Ball put on by Rescue the Animals -- our first time and should be fun! (No, we are not taking OUR dogs -- but we'll enjoy seeing all the others!) Kim and Gary are going to join us, and also I think Mimi will be going too. Pictures to come!

:: Time to go relax!

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