February 03, 2016

Bombfell #2

Chris received his second Bombfell shipment! It wasn't as successful as his first one, but he still got one keeper out of the deal!

This shirt fits perfectly, and the color is a great teal plaid. This one is a keeper!
This cardigan -- well, it was promising, since it is his favorite color (grey)...
and it fit just fine. But...how does a man wear a cardigan? It didn't look right
buttoned or unbuttoned or semi buttoned...so back it goes.
Again -- promising...a black slick jacket with a sporty feel. But, he already
has a handful of black slick jackets, and can't justify the price of yet another.
Same jeans as his first shipment, but oh my goodness that color. For a man? No.

This burgundy sweatshirt was not bad...but it wasn't anything great. It fit ok. But, no.
1/5 but without dragging Chris into a shopping mall? We'll take it! He looks very hot in the one shirt he's keeping, so woo hoo!! :)

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