February 04, 2016

New Canvas

:: Tonight I made acorn squash for the first time ever -- and I do think it was quite tasty! Paired it with tilapia and brown rice pasta with healthy marinara sauce. Mmm mmm!

:: Today we received the black and white canvas that I made for our new purple and gray bathroom!! It is perfect and I love it! It is a photo that I snapped during our trip to Napa (for our 5th anniversary)...at the amazing Castello di Amorosa (our favorite). It is perfect in it's new spot!!

:: My workout was good tonight -- and I was sore from my leg workout yesterday! Did cardio and abs and stretched. Good stuff. Then picked Chris up after 7 miles, on my way home.

:: Working my way toward the end of Grey's season 4...it goes through phases. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it is so so. We shall see how it goes... :) Drama drama!

:: Time to read my daily bible verses!!

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