February 24, 2016

Daniel Plan Wrapping Up

So, we are nearing the end of our Daniel Plan at the office. It's hard to believe that it has almost been 40 days! Here are some of my thoughts as we approach Day 40 this Friday:

:: 40 days is not any harder than the 30 days of Whole30...after week one, it's all good, so 10 more days was no biggie.

:: The Daniel Plan was less strict than Whole30, but I still feel like I have reaped many of the same benefits from it. I am sleeping better, I have no afternoon crash, my allergies are doing fantastic! My clothes are all fitting again -- even some that were REALLY tight! Lots of non-scale victories.

:: For scale victories, I lost about three pounds. Which is not as much as I typically lose on Whole30, but I didn't necessarily want to lose more than five altogether. So I am in good shape to lose those final two pounds in no time. At any rate, weight on a scale is just a number and isn't nearly as important as how you feel. I only weigh about once a week, because I don't think it is good to obsess about that number.

:: My results on the final weigh in were interesting today...and I don't know that I really buy into it much. In comparison to my beginning weigh in, my Body Fat % went UP 1.5% and my Metabolic Age went UP 3 years. Losing weight, I feel that numbers should be going down, not up. It seems off to me, and odd. So, it is what it is. My results there won't be helping my team to win the contest though, so that's a bummer. There will be two teams to win, and each member of the teams will get a $100 gift card to Academy. We find out the contest winners on Friday at the luncheon! Chris' team has a good chance of winning I think, because one of his team members went down in Metabolic Age 26 years!! He is our biggest success story I believe.

:: Chris had some good success -- he lost a little over five pounds, and his Metabolic Age went down 3 years. His Body Fat % also went down a little. He is feeling great and is in the best running shape of his life currently.

:: The hardest part of Daniel was the four day retreat -- that was not the funnest :( Next year, I'll plan better and will not be on any plan during the February retreat!! Half the fun is snacking while you scrap...  :)

:: Moving forward -- you know me, I really have enjoyed the last 40 days...that kind of structure is where I really thrive. I'm the oddball and the exception. Beginning Saturday, the true work starts for me. Because here is the deal -- I AM DONE YO-YO-ING. I do not want to keep gaining and losing the same dang 10 pounds. I want this to be it. I want to stay right here and maintain. No more back and forth. I feel good and I like this weight. I know that I have to remain strict for the most part, because the yo-yo happens quite quickly for me and on my frame. That weight comes back too fast. So in thinking about my next plan of action -- I'm going to basically continue on as-is, and add in a treat here and there when I want it. I'll have a drink a week or so. And I think I am pretty much done with gluten and most dairy. I've been here before and you've heard this before. And it scares me. Because I have such great intentions and then in no time I am out of control yet again. Please say some prayers for me. And if you can help hold me accountable, I'd love that too. I give you permission!

:: Right now, I have about a month and half until our trip to Cancun, so I technically still have motivation for sticking with it!! That should help me to transition. Thankfully!

I'm so glad we did this as a company...the support and accountability was super helpful, with us all being in the same boat. Loved that. I think people made some good changes, and I am hopeful that they will take some of it on into their next steps too. This weekend, I will be enjoying some of my favorite Dark Salted Brown Butter 70% chocolate and I can't wait :)

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