February 01, 2016

New Favorite Drink

:: Met with our nurse today to see how she thinks my leg rash is progressing. She said that last time she saw me, my legs were "angry"! She believes they are looking better. I feel they are too, but it is slow going and since I see them everyday, I wanted to be sure. So, a few more days of my current treatment and we'll touch base again on Thursday.

:: La Croix carbonated water is something natural we can have on Whole30 and Daniel Plan...the top pops and sounds like soda, and the carbonation can fill in for that need too. We've been trying out the flavors, and this one is, by far, the yummiest!! The tall, skinny cans are better than the squatty cans. Not sure why! I'll be buying a lot more of these!!!

:: Yoga at lunch today was wonderful!! So into it!

:: Since I worked out at lunch, that freed me up to do some errands after work while I waited for Chris to run. Went to the pharmacy, the dry cleaner, Walgreens, and the gas station. Then back to the office to watch Grey's and wait for the hubby.

:: I made turkey stuffed bell peppers for dinner, along with sauteed spinach. The pepper recipe was from The Daniel Plan book, and they were pretty darn good!! Leftovers tomorrow!

:: Got home later than normal, so it's time to read my Bible verses and end this day...

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