January 31, 2016

This Weekend

:: We had dinner on Friday evening with Jon and Nadene at Perini's...yum!!! They were so sweet to treat us too, because they had a gift card to spend. What a treat!! And what wonderful company too...love those two! They stopped by the house first to see the pool :)

:: Chris ran 20 miles with Steven Saturday morning and they had a great run! Afterwards I made us some gluten free pancakes (which were quite good!) -- he was able to enjoy his with real butter and pure maple syrup on the core plan, and I enjoyed mine with ghee and pure fruit jam. Mmm!

:: Chris and Neeley worked on our sprinkler system...when the pool went in, it destroyed part of our set up. Unfortunately, our landscape guy was a no show, so Chris decided to take care of it on his own. He and Neeley can do anything together!!

:: I worked on a lot of different things, including getting stuff pulled together for our retreat, preplanning more pages, and creating titles for pages in Photoshop. Very productive!! I watched Grey's while I worked, and it was great!

:: We had dinner at TaMolleys and I enjoyed some yummy fish tacos...mmm! Then we did a little shopping! We are redoing our master bathroom in gray/purple...so we found the towels and rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond. So pretty!! We also stopped at Kohl's to get some new cologne for him and perfume for me...and some new workout pants. And I signed up for a Kohl's card so I can start getting coupons :)

:: We sat with Jon and Nadene at church as Pastor David preached on the Fitness level of The Daniel Plan. Then I headed to grocery shop while Chris stopped at Lowes. Then he and Neeley finished up with the sprinkler system and I carried on with my Sunday chores.

:: Yoga tomorrow at lunch and I am excited! Really loving that.

:: The rest of our week is pretty normal...let's see what it holds!

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