January 28, 2016


:: Today I borrowed my friend Kathy's recipe binder of healthy recipes! Need to steal a few so that I can jazz things up a bit. Getting bored with the same old thing.

:: We had book club this evening after work, and it was fun! We met at work in the Parlor and discussed Room -- which we all really liked. Next up, we are going to read Safely Home by Randy Alcorn...it's a Nadene pick, and looking forward to it!

:: Need to catch up on my Bible reading -- only made it halfway through last night because my meds are making me very sleepy. Couldn't even keep my eyes open! So, a little extra reading tonight!

:: Thank you, Mom, for sending us the magazine recipe of the most delicious mac and cheese muffins...such perfect timing, you know, during the Daniel Plan and all. Geez!!!!! Chris was practically drooling!! :) They do look yummy -- we'll try it out in March!

:: We have approval to start the process of hiring another lead generation specialist in our department! I am sooo excited! It will be interesting to see who we get in the resume pool!!!

:: Better go enjoy my evening before I end up falling asleep!! :)

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