January 27, 2016


:: Happy hump day to you all!! Today I...

:: Ate two egg muffins for breakfast -- they were yummy, had deer sausage in them!

:: Attended our mid-management meeting with the other supervisors...it's weird now, that Chris is no longer attending them because of his move to Passare. We did a few team building exercises and it was fun!

:: Watched Grey's at lunch...and then again after my workout...and then again while I blogged!

:: I did a quick workout -- didn't have a ton of energy this evening for some reason.

:: I took multiple doses of the four medications I'm on for my leg rash issues.

:: I attended a nearly two-hour long meeting...whew.

:: I read Genesis 43-45 in my reading plan.

:: I made chicken nuggets, roasted potatoes, and roasted radishes/mushrooms/purple onions for dinner...yum!

:: I experimented with my new LolliZ gel pens, in my fun coloring book! Those gel pens rock!!!

:: I missed 3:00 zumba because of aforementioned long meeting.

:: I chatted with Kim after our workouts while we waited for our men folk :)

:: I started working on a list of everything I need to pack for our upcoming retreat!!

:: I looked for a new swimsuit online...no luck. Where's the best place to buy bikinis?? Or even a one piece that doesn't look granny-ish??

:: I read through some of our company's business plan for this year -- we're going to be discussing it at our luncheon on Friday.

:: Loved up on our two pups!

:: Spent the rest of the evening with my amazing hubby!

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