January 26, 2016

Just a Tuesday

:: Today -- felt a little off. Not sure why. But, it seemed like a long day.

:: It was all good though...nothing crazy or bad happened. Just life I suppose.

:: Ocho is doing pretty good! His arthritis medication is working well, and he hasn't had any more spells where he couldn't walk -- one day at a time!

:: I've developed some kind of odd, severe rash on my lower legs -- itches and burns..so I visited our nurse practitioner today and got some meds to try and kick it. It is so unattractive. I feel like a leper.

:: Just started Season 4 of Grey's -- the end of Season 3 was iffy for me, so let's see where Season 4 takes us.

:: Chris broke his phone today...dropped it one too many times and it finally refused to turn on. Whoops. Looks like he'll be switching over to the iphone afterall.

:: I bought some new gel pens for my coloring book! They are Lolliz and they are incredible! So sparkly and fun! Easy to use! So much better than the colored pencils!

:: That's about all I've got...ta ta!

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