January 25, 2016

Stitch Fix #11 Review

 I was very excited to get my 11th Fix!! I had two gift cards from Christmas that I couldn't wait to spend!

I had requested my normal stylist, Kallie, who is really getting to know me well! And I didn't request anything specific, but I did add a list of a few things I didn't want:

No: jewelry, scarves, bags, chevron pattern, or sheer shirts.

I received my fix and dove in to read the note from my stylist -- turns out that Kallie was on vacation, so I had a stylist named Bailey. Bailey did a fine job, and picked out some decent pieces. I didn't necessarily feel like they were spot on choices for me, per se...but it wasn't bad! I do feel it brings home the point that Kallie knows me pretty well!

Romolo Linette Layered Strands Necklace

Romolo : Linette Layered Strands Necklace -- $34.00

I was a little surprised to see this in my Fix, since I had requested no jewelry...it was a nice, classic gold long two-strand necklace. I already have a number of those. And really was not interested in another one or any jewelry. VERDICT: RETURNED

41Hawthorn Jordanne A-line Plaid Skirt

41Hawthorn : Jordanne A-line Plaid Skirt -- $68.00

This skirt is so pretty! It fits perfectly -- not too tight, not too loose, and perfect length. It has a lining which I love! The color scheme is a little different for me -- it it brown, cream, and another color that could be either really dark blue or black. A very pretty plaid, and the fabric is so super soft. This will be great for work; just need to figure out what to pair it with!! VERDICT: KEPT!

Skies are Blue Eniko Button Down Top

Skies are Blue: Eniko Button Down Top  -- $58.00

This shirt was interesting...I really liked the blue stripe paired with the contrasting blue polka dot a lot! It was so cute! I've had shirts like this in the past for work and have liked them...but for that I prefer a more giving fabric. The stiff cotton of this one left me feeling a little frumpy. It didn't look good tucked in, and it looked too professional untucked. I was unable to make this one work. VERDICT: RETURNED.

Fate Davis Leopard Print Button-Up Cardigan

Fate : Davis Leopard Print Button-Up Cardigan -- $58.00

Oh how I love leopard!! This was a good call on Bailey's part because I really have a thing for it :) This cardigan was a nice, long length, which I liked. It did have two odd pockets on the front, that were a little high -- but I could have lived with those. The unfortunate thing is that I already have a leopard cardigan that is still in good shape and I can't justify two. VERDICT: RETURNED.

Skies are Blue Hamberg Paisley Print Henley Blouse

Skies are blue : Hamberg Paisley Print Henley Blouse -- $54.00

This one was really, really pretty! I do love paisley, and the fact that this shirt had tiny little paisleys was so cute! I really liked the contrasting section on the front too, with the pleats. I was on the fence about this one though. For one thing,it is pretty sheet (yet another thing I requested to NOT get). Beyond that, it was a little too short and boxy, and the sleeves were an odd length. I was sad because I wanted this one to work! VERDICT: RETURNED.

So there you have it! This one ended up being a 1/5 for me, but I am very pleased with the skirt! Can't wait to wear it! I look forward to Kallie returning and scheduling my next fix, so I can spend the rest of my gift cards!! :)

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