January 24, 2016

Great Weekend

:: Mr. Ocho had a good weekend...still a little unsteady on his legs at times but overall, he was chipper and in good health this weekend. Yay! Keeping a close eye on him.

:: Friday evening, we decided instead of going out to eat we would eat in...picked up some sushi and other odds and ends at the grocery store and had a night in.

:: Saturday morning, Chris ran 14 miles with Kiki and then I made potato and egg burritos for us. I worked on preplanning some scrapbook stuff for our retreat, and Chris was sweet enough to hang my stuff over the bed! Take a look!

:: Neeley stopped by and the two of them got our back porch lights hooked up again. Yay! And then we all shot Neeley's new crossbow! That was a fun experience! It was a lot easier than shooting a gun, and my two shots were pretty darn good!

:: Saturday evening, we had dinner at Chili's and stuck to the Daniel Plan! And it was yummy! Then we did the grocery shopping and headed home to relax.

:: Sunday -- church, chores, and did some food prep for week 2 of Daniel. I made egg muffins for our breakfasts and homemade mayo and apple cinnamon quinoa. Off we go!!

:: I got my 11th Stitch Fix on Saturday! I'll be posting about that this week! I also realized that I never posted about our Fredericksburg trip...so I'll whip up a post on that too!!

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