March 31, 2016

Bring on the Weekend

:: Tonight I made salisbury steak and mashed potatoes for dinner, and I must say it was tasty!

:: I had a good workout after work, and Chris ran 6 miles with Kiki.

:: Chris is home this evening! He's been gone the past two nights with Passare, so it is good to have him home!

:: They are making progress on our fence! It's going to be a 7' wood privacy fence on the sides...and then we'll come back later and put something across the back...either black metal or a shorter wood. Something to maintain our view. Currently, we only have money for the sides :) Since taxes are soon due and we get royally screwed every year! The metal posts are up, and they prepped them this evening with the braces for the horizontal bars. They'll be back in the morning to start putting on the wood. Will be very nice to have some privacy and not have to worry so much about the dogs. It will really close in our space a bit and make it feel more like a sanctuary.

:: Our next book for book club is Brooklyn...I'm the next hostess and we'll have it at our house the first week of May. I'm going to have a mac & cheese bar (with my granny's homemade recipe) and everyone will bring toppings for it. Mmmm! I'm a bit into the book so far, and it is a nice read. Nothing incredible yet, but we shall see where it goes.

:: I'm nearing the end of season 7 of Grey's...some seasons I haven't enjoyed as much, but this one has been pretty good. I'm sure we are nearing a hefty season finale cliffhanger!

:: Speaking of season finales -- this Sunday is the 90 MINUTE finale of The Walking Dead!!!! We are very excited to see what happens. They've been leading up to a lot of different things -- Daryl shot, Carol left, Maggie's baby pain...and the entrance of Negan! Which, in the comics, brings about the death of a very important and well-loved character. It's going to be intense, to be sure! But then we have months without it...

:: That's about all for tonight...I'm ready for the weekend!!! We are having dinner with Jon and Nadene tomorrow and I am looking forward to that. Love those two! Working a bit on Saturday (from home) and then we shall see what the rest of the weekend holds!

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