April 03, 2016

Weekend Recap

I love weekends!

:: Friday evening, after work, we went to Miguels and had a delicious and fun dinner with Jon and Nadene! We always love our time with them! Then we noticed John, a guy who worked with us but just last week quit to move on to bigger and better things...he was eating alone, so we invited him over and we all talked with him for a bit. It was his last night in town before he moved. Great evening!

:: Saturday, Chris and Kiki ran 16 miles...then I made us pancakes and we started our day. Chris worked in the yard, getting the flower bed border done, making a stone path to the yard, and putting down fabric in the flower beds. I worked for about 5 hours, on some stuff I needed to accomplish before leaving for Cancun. Training with our new guy is going good, but it has set me back on some of the other things I work on. So it was nice to have some silence and be able to completely focus on those things. Then, we went to dinner at Tokyo and had delicious sushi! Afterwards, we did some shopping around, and then headed home. Chris worked on our taxes and I watched the movie "Up"...I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was so cute and touching.

:: Sunday, we enjoyed church and then I did the grocery shopping and laundry. I picked up Mr. Burger for lunch, Mimi's treat! Chris spent some time doing yardwork, and then he got in the pool and I enjoyed lounging next to it :) Still a bit too chilly for me to get in! We are loving our backyard...with the new fence, our space is really more defined now, and we have complete privacy. We can also let the dogs have a little more freedom, which is nice. They love being out there!

:: Tonight is the Walking Dead season finale!!!! Yikes!! Some huge things are going to happen, we can feel it. We think one of the main, original cast members is going to die.We aren't sure if they are going to stick to the comics, or not, but someone big is going to die! It's an hour and a half long, and then we have the post-show afterwards. Can't wait!!!!!

:: The week ahead -- Mimi's birthday is Friday, so we'll be having a fun birthday dinner out to celebrate that! She requested brownies with frosting for her treat, so that should be yummy! Sunday, Chris and I drive to Dallas...and then Monday we head to paradise! Can not wait to get to Cancun and stare at the ocean for 6 days!!!!!!

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