April 04, 2016

Four more days!

:: Back to work, back to work -- did some training with Aaron (who will be taking care of a lot of things while we are out next week), did some email campaigns, progressed things along...four more work days!

:: I skipped yoga today at lunch...Mimi had a dr. appointment and wouldn't be home like normal, so I headed home and fed the dogs and enjoyed a quiet hour. I was also able to start the crockpot for our yummy southwestern beef dinner. Mimi's cat scan showed that everything has healed well, and he is going to have her do a little extra physical therapy to get her moving around a little better and get rid of the remaining pain. She starts that on Friday.

:: Watched more Grey's today...I don't even know what season I'm in -- it's like one big long episode to me on Netflix! Love it! Meredith and Derek are trying to adopt a baby from Africa.

:: I just bought two books for our upcoming travel -- this one and this one! Looking forward to both, after I finish Brooklyn...I love reading on planes and when I travel! Another travel necessity -- this!

:: I've gotten behind on my bible verses -- so need to do some catch up this evening!

:: The Walking Dead finale last night was interesting...it certainly was not the best season finale they've ever done. I felt it was a lot of the same thing over and over, and then the ending was intense but they left us in a cliff hanger. So ok, a cliff hanger is a pretty common thing, but now we have to wait until October to find out who was killed. So...we wait.

:: Ready to veg - ta ta!

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