April 05, 2016

Three more days!

:: More productive behavior today at work. Three more work days!!!

:: Had a good cardio workout after work. Went about 45 minutes on the machine, which is a very long time for me. I can barely make 20 minutes usually! My Kindle was about to die, so I told myself I would stay on the machine until it did. That was a good workout watching Greys!

:: I got caught up on my Bible verses last night, so now to stay on track!

:: Tonight I need to attempt to get our credit card set up for travel. Tomorrow I will call on the debit card. Also need to get some cash.

:: I've recently been told that I "overshare" on Instagram...I have well over 4000 posts. I didn't think that was anything crazy until I checked out the people I follow...I didn't see anyone over 3000! Most people were under 1000. Oh well :) I love Instagram and documenting my life.

:: Tonight's dinner -- baked fish, roasted potatoes, asparagus. MMM!

:: Currently, every single nail I have is long...which is very odd for me...I am going to paint them a pretty color for our trip! :) I will have pretty hands for a few days. Normally, I feel they are pretty unattractive.

:: Chris has been swimming everyday the past four days! He's crazy!! We are barely at 80 degrees outside, but he is definitely getting our money's worth on the new pool :) I look forward to getting in too! But it is going to have to be a bit warmer for me!!

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