April 06, 2016

Getting Ready!

So, I'm in trip planning mode --

:: Called the debit card and credit card companies and told them about our international travel dates

:: Picked up some cash

:: Picked up Ocho's prescription dog food to stock up for the week

:: Slathering on the sunless tanning lotion...I like the Loreal brand, and I was given the tip by a friend to buy one of these application mitts:

I must say, this mitt is great! For one, my palms are not turning orange and that is a big, big plus! Also, I feel like the application is going on much smoother...I haven't noticed any streaks at all. Love it! Do I look golden? No. Do I still look like a translucent ghost? No!! If anything, it makes me look normal...so at least I won't blind anyone!!! Being this pale sucks! The good thing is that my entire body is all one color -- so the lotion does give me an all-over solid color.

:: My items are collected and in the corner of our bedroom, waiting on the suitcase.

:: The passports are ready!

:: I've bought books and magazine and licorice.

:: Chris is working to finalize our taxes, which have to be done before we leave because the deadline is while we are gone.

:: So let's go!! A few more days to go, and then we're packing up the suitcases and heading to paradise. We're staying at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun...it looks to be incredible!! So many restaurants and pools. There is a shuttle from one end of the resort to the other, which tells you something about the size of the place!! Just give me a chair at the pool or on the beach, a little shade, my book, a fruity drink, and the sound of the water...all with my hot hubby right beside me...I'm beyond ready!!!!!

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