April 07, 2016

One more work day!!!!

:: Last night, I finished Judges in my year-long Bible reading plan! Tonight, I will read the entire book of Ruth -- just four chapters. There are some pretty interesting stories in the Bible -- I dare say that some of them would rival an R-rated Hollywood movie! Whew.

:: After a little talk today with some girls at work, it's been determined that we are getting another Whole 30 Challenge group together! And I am excited. I flounder without a plan or accountability. The Daniel Plan went fantastic, and then bam, back to my old habits. I am determined to figure out a way to get where I want to be and to stay there. That is my biggest issue. Currently, we have around 10 girls doing it...we are going to have two start dates (Apr 18 and Apr 25) -- I am not starting until after my birthday :)

:: In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the all-inclusive food and drinks at the Cancun resort all week :) And enjoy my birthday!

:: Another reason to get myself under control -- I have three months to naturally lower my cholesterol with food before I am retested and have to go on cholesterol medication. I do NOT want to go on medication, but my cholesterol is pretty high. Does high cholesterol run in our family???? Please let me know :)

:: I'm well into Season 8 of Grey's now, and sometimes this show just drives me nuts!!!!!!!! Meredith is something else.

:: Tomorrow is Friday -- last work day!!!! I am hopeful that I will be able to tie up a lot of loose ends before heading out so I don't have to leave a lot of things for others to do. Cross your fingers for me!

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