March 28, 2016

Today... was really no fun waking up at 6:15 am, after a three-day weekend!

...a new email platform was started at work and that caused all kinds of ruckus all day long as we all tried to figure everything out. So much change!

...Aaron returned to work, after being out a week and a half with hand, foot and mouth disease...good to have him back, and had to back track on some training to refresh.

...I enjoyed the yoga class at lunch and then scarfed down some quick food.

...we received a swag box (free goodies) from one of our vendors...tshirts and hoodies and pens, etc. So fun! The hoodie is very soft and comfy. Can't wait to wear it!

...we received, from another vendor, a box full of chocolate Easter candy!!! Goodness, our vendors are spoiling us! Let me tell you, our department was like a bunch of rabid dogs pouncing on that chocolate!

...Chris and I headed to the airport around 6:00 to pick up three Passare employees who are in for the company meeting...two from San Francisco and one from Pittsburg. It was so great to meet the two girls from San Fran finally! We all had a lovely, delicious dinner at Lytle Land and Cattle and it was great to chat and get to know them all a bit better.

...I ate a few peeps.


...Chris has another dinner with Passare and I'll be coming my plan is to work on my Stitch Fix #13 review! Stay tuned!

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