March 27, 2016

3-Day Weekend Recap

Happy Easter everyone!

:: We enjoyed such a nice three-day weekend!! I am a big fan of them, and wish we had one every weekend!!

:: We were off Friday for Good Friday...I worked on my laptop doing a digital scrapbook I've been wanting to work on, and I watched about 10 episodes of Grey's while I did so :) Chris worked outside with Neeley, doing miscellaneous odd jobs -- fixing the busted sprinkler system, multiple trips to Lowes, sealing the floor in the game room so the carpet could be installed. They had a good day too! Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Brickoven Pizza and that was yum yum! I also bought the big 12x12 album that I am going to use for my Project Life...excited!

:: Saturday morning, Chris and Kiki ran 14 miles in the hills -- doing some beginning training for the Pikes Peak marathon in August! Then he came home and got back to work with Neeley -- laid the carpet in the game room, stained the base boards, installed the base boards...and then, the game room was completely done!!! They toasted with a beer, and were proud of their many years of hard work to get to this point! It turned out so well! Now, to get the foosball table up into the room, and decorate with a couch etc. Good job guys!!!

:: Saturday, I did some errands...shopped at Walgreens and Kohls (got this cutie!) and then did the grocery shopping. Then home to finish up my digital scrapbook. Chris and I then had dinner at TaMolley's and then headed to Kiki's house to relax a bit and hang out. It was a good evening...

:: Sunday, Mimi and I made a delicious Easter feast! Ham, potato salad, deviled eggs, greenbean casserole, jello salad, rolls, and a chocolate cake roll for was yum! Then, yard work for Chris and cleaning/laundry for me!

:: A few side notes -- I received Fix #13! I'll be posting about that this coming week. My normal stylist was on vacation, but Megan did a great job in her place. It was a 2/5, but I was super happy with the 2 things I kept!!! Stay tuned...

:: I also received the washi ring that I purchased from The Reset it!! Washi tape is my favorite scrapbook supply, and my stash continues to grow. I went from the photo on the left to the photo on the right...and I feel like it is much more user-friendly now!

:: I tried Boire Strips on Saturday to help remove some blackheads that have appeared around my nose...holy crap. That stuff nearly burned my skin off!!! The skin around my nose is now rough and raw, and it didn't help the blackhead situation at all. How is this stuff on the market?? Into the trash the remaining strips went!

:: I also placed my first order for my Project Life pages and I am excited to receive them and see the quality! Basically, I have the Project Life app on my phone, and I take photos with my phone. Then, in the app on the phone, I create the layout for each week's randomness. Two pages for each week. They'll print these for me, ship them to me, and then I can slip them right into the album!! Loving this method big time!!!

:: Tomorrow, it's back to the real world...Chris will have a busy week, as the new company he works for is having a company meeting in Abilene. Everyone is coming in for it, and it will be the first time they are all together in one place. There are employees in San Francisco, Minnesota, etc. So it should be interesting! Monday evening, Chris and I are taking a few of them to dinner...then Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, he'll be having dinner with them on his own with the whole group. Busy days ahead.

Happy week to you all!!

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