March 17, 2016

Winding Down & Prepping for 50

:: Our dinner with Jay was very nice last night...he's a very smart guy and we had some great conversation! The food at Miguel's was tasty too. Good evening...

:: So, today we dressed casual at work, and it is always so much happier that way! And more productive too!

:: No training today -- Aaron was sick with some kind of bug. He'll be back tomorrow and training will resume!

:: Our patio furniture is arriving slowly, in we received two end tables! They are very pretty. Can't wait to get the rest!

:: A huge highlight of my day today -- Nadene & Kelley Time! It has been quite awhile since we've had our chats, and it was so great to catch up with her. She makes my soul feel lighter and it is a blessing to have her -- I can be real and honest in that bubble with her. Such an awesome friend to me! She also has the great words of wisdom...and always strengthens me in my walk with God.

:: Today -- St. Patrick's Day!!! Love the holiday because I am Irish -- but also love it lots because everyone wears my favorite color all on the same day!!! Such a joyous sight! :)

:: We are getting things packed up for our road trip -- Decatur, TX here we come! The 50 mile trail run will start at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday -- please say some big prayers for our runner! Should be a very interesting day!

:: I'll be back next blog with some fun stories from our weekend! I hope that your weekend ahead is fun and relaxing!

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