March 16, 2016

Off to Dinner

:: Long day. Mentally drained. Ready for Friday.

:: Good news: we get casual day tomorrow as well as Friday! Yay! Wearing green for St. Patty's!

:: This evening, we're having dinner with Jay at Miguel's...looking forward to that. Yum yum!

:: My stomach has been upset the past two days. I'm not sure if it is the dairy I've brought back into my diet, or the corn products. I'm going to eliminate both and see. I have not brought gluten back, so it has to be one of the other two things.

:: Tomorrow evening, I am having some girl time with sweet Nadene! It's been awhile and I am really ready for it. We are meeting at Mad Coffee after work.

:: I attended a lunch & learn during my lunch hour, so I haven't been outside all day. That makes the day feel even longer, without that break.

:: Chris is here to get me for dinner, so off we go!

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