March 15, 2016

Short Thoughts

:: Training training with Aaron -- it's going really well! He'll be up to speed in no time!

:: Tonight's dinner was baked fish, roasted potatoes and purple onions, and steamed broccoli/cauliflower/ was tasty, and was requested by Mr. Baber!

:: Finishing up an episode of Grey's, then will move on to reading my Bible verses and my book club book. A coworker told me this evening that he enjoys watching my reaction to Grey's because I laugh, I gasp, etc :) I'm in my own little world with my headphones on, watching as I do my cardio machine at the gym...I kind of forget that other people are around ha ha!!

:: We are currently enjoying really beautiful weather -- in the 80s! So, this evening while my dinner cooked, I took our dogs for walks! Ocho really enjoys walking, but I have to take him on very short walks because of his motor issues. He loves it though! Poppy is not really a fan, but she did really well tonight! Usually she keeps looking over her shoulder at the house, ready to turn back. But tonight she seemed a lot more relaxed. I will try to be more consistent with the walks now that we are into some good weather.

:: For tonight, that is about it...we are nearly halfway through the week thankfully!!

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