April 17, 2016


Well hello there!

We are safely home! It's always nice to get away, but it's also always nice to return to American soil!

It will take me some time to prep my trip posts, so I will work on that this coming week. It was a beautiful place and I am excited to share it with you!! We did a lot of relaxing and that was much needed!

Today, I am doing laundry. Oh so much laundry. I think I have ten loads. I did the grocery shopping and prepped for the week ahead. And we have a birthday party for our friend's sweet 4 year old son, Jayden...full day!

The week ahead is fairly quiet and will hopefully remain that way! I'm getting my hair colored on Thursday, and I am also chopping it!!! (Sorry Mom! I can't live with it for two more months until I see you!) I do love my long braid, but that is how I wear it every single day. And my hair is EVERYWHERE. Can't handle it. It's gotta go!!

I'm going to spend some time today going through work emails...we are on a new system at work and I can now check them remotely. Get a head start on "playing catch up" for tomorrow. Hopefully they had a quiet week!!!

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