April 18, 2016

Vacation is Officially Over

:: Well...back to it! Work was good today. It seems like it was fairly slow while we were all away, so that is a blessing. Our new guy, Aaron, did a great job holding down the fort! It didn't take too long to get caught up this morning, and then it proceeded to be a pretty busy day. I did some training with Aaron, worked on campaigns, worked on email campaigns, etc. And did zumba at the 3:00 break, yay! I missed it!

:: I thankfully was able to get all of the laundry done yesterday! 10 loads! Now, to get it all put away!

:: I realized late this afternoon that I need to do some prep for a presentation I have on Wednesday...so I need to work on that a bit this evening.

:: I took last week off from my bible reading plan -- so, I will pick that back up tonight. I'll just start where I left off...catching up would be too overwhelming, and there is no need for that!

:: I finished my book for book club -- my choice this month, of Brooklyn. Hmmmm. I rarely like male authors (no offense), especially when they attempt to write from the view point of a woman. It just never develops fully enough. This was a case of that. The writing was nice, but there was very little storyline. It was kind of odd really. And it ended quite abruptly. This book was made into a movie, and I truly do not know how. The screenplay writer must have really taken some liberties and added a lot of plot in. Because the book just left me feeling...MEH. So, sorry to my book club ladies...not my best choice!

:: However, I did start another book while we were in Cancun, and I am really enjoying it so far. It's called The Husband's Secret...I wasn't sure at first, because there are three different story lines happening at once. It took me a little bit to get everyone's names down and figure out what was happening. But, once I got it, I've been enjoying it -- and now I can begin to see the stories interweaving. I'll keep you posted on this one!

:: I received my first birthday present today!! It was from my mom, and it was a perfect gift! A set of playing cards from Tiffany & Co!! I LOVE playing cards...and my mom and I have an on-going Rummy score that we started back in 1995! The score is well into the 30,000s now, and she is kicking my booty! But, we always love to play when we are together. I'll be taking these with us on our upcoming mother/daughter trip in June!!  She also sent along a cute crown with a big 40 on it :) So I will be sporting that on my birthday Sunday! Thank you Mom for such a thoughtful gift, I love it!

:: This evening I was able to sort through all of our photos from Cancun (over 600) and put them in the correct folders per date. So, I should be able to begin working on trip posts soon!

:: But now...presentation prep! 

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