April 19, 2016

Cancun Post #1

So, I still need to work on my presentation for tomorrow...but I will start off with a quick vacation post so we can get started!

4-10-16 Sunday

We packed up on Sunday, and got on the road around 3:00 to head to Dallas. We stopped in Clyde along the way to pick up Mr. Neeley -- loaded him up and continued on our way! Once we got to the DFW Marriott hotel, we parked our car for the week, checked in, dropped off our stuff in the room, and then met Kyle and Kelsey for a delicious dinner at Babe's. Fried chicken! It was a fun family style restaurant -- you pick your main dish, and then all the sides come out and the table shares them. A first time for us, and we enjoyed it! After dinner, we made our way back to hotel and met up with some of the others in our group for a nightcap. Then off to bed for an early morning!

4-11-16 Monday

The next morning, we were on the later flight -- so we took off at 10:30 am. We made our way to the airport about 2 hours early and went through the normal procedures of security, etc. Then we sat around for a bit with our peoples :) The flight went well, no issues. As we flew into Cancun, we were treated to some gorgeous sights -- their water is so pretty!!

Mr. Neeley riding in the backseat!
Me, Kelsey, Kyle, Chris, and Neeley -- VERY full after allllll that food!
Waiting in the airport to board our flight -- so excited to take a vacay!
My sweet Nadene! She joined us on the trip, last minute -- so happy to have her!!
Just look at that! Soooooo gorgeous!!

And then...we were in paradise!!!

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