April 20, 2016

Cancun Post #2

4-11-16 Monday Continued

Our drive to the Moon Palace Resort took a little less than 20 minutes...we road in a wonderful, air conditioned tour bus :) The resort was beautiful upon first sight, and we were ushered inside and upstairs to a private check in area. They had yummy appetizers for us, along with a hot towel and a pretty flower! Our room wasn't quite ready, so we had a couple hours to kill. We found our group of friends and made our way down to the Mexican buffet, which was yummy!

We were able to get into our room at 4:30, but our luggage was not there yet...so we left for the Welcome Reception in our travel clothes. There was a fun mariachi band and beautiful Mexican decorations, along with more yummy food...and our CEO talked to us a bit about the upcoming week. Then we were set free to enjoy our week!

From there, we headed out to the ocean to take it all in...the ocean in Cancun was interesting. Not like any beach/ocean I had ever seen...there was a lot of seaweed, and it was pretty shallow until quite a ways out. There was minimal waves, and the sand was man-made from limestone so there were no shells and it stayed cool. Odd!! We found out that Cancun is only 40 years old -- a man-made island. Who knew! We took some fun pictures at the beach (it was Blaise's first time in the ocean!)...

For dinner that night, we had pizza at the outdoor pizza restaurant with our group, along with Allison and her aunt Betty, and Nadene...and then we girls did a mud slide toast! Day one was a success! A full day of travel had us all tired, so we all turned in for the night...

The view from our ground level room -- the gorgeous grounds and the ocean
Our pretty room with the jacuzzi tub! It had two beds, but they put
them together to make one bed -- we called it SuperBed!
Our in-room bar!
The festive Welcome Reception!
Neeley, Zack, Chris, and Kiki
Me and Allison
Chris and Kiki
Our mud slide toast! Yum!
A panoramic shot of the shoreline

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