April 21, 2016

Cancun Post #3

4-12-16 Tuesday

On this beautiful day, Chris and Kiki got up early to do a run...before he left, he captured the gorgeous sunrise over the ocean! Meanwhile, I slept in a bit, and enjoyed a leisurely morning! I read in the hammock for a bit, and when he got back we headed to the buffet for breakfast with Kiki and Blaise.

After breakfast, we got int the ocean for a bit...as I mentioned it was a little different than what we've ever experienced, so we spent the rest of our week in the pool! Then it was time for more eating...we had lunch with our group at a big table under a big big fan...so refreshing!

We spent the rest of our afternoon by the pool...the guys had a fun ping pong tournament (Kyle won EVERY SINGLE GAME!!) and Neeley and Alex played chess on a very big board. I did some reading and it was such a relaxing, perfect day! Then we got all cleaned up and had dinner with the group at the Italian restaurant. The food was good and bad -- some people had good luck, some not so good. The pasta portions were very, very small...but my risoto with shrimp was ample and delicious! The highlight was the flaming baileys ice cream. What a fun presentation! The waitress moved a flame back and forth between two metal gravy boats and then poured it over the ice cream - mmmmm! After dinner, we enjoyed a night cap at the Sky Bar...and did a tequila shot to toast Kathy and Dennis on their 30th anniversary! Another wonderful, relaxing day!

Sunrise from our porch
My early morning view from the comfy bed
The swim up bar -- well frequented!
Even though my man didn't win against Kyle...he looked dang hot playing!!
Me and Kelsey Lou
Chris and Kelsey Lou
Our lunch bunch!
Our dinner bunch at the Italian restaurant...
Nadene and me and Kathy

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