April 24, 2016

Cancun Post #4

4-13-16 Wednesday

On this day in Cancun, Chris got up early again to run -- but this time, he ran with Kiki and Allison! Allison is in training for a half marathon, and they had fun running her speed to support her! I got up early as well, and walked the resort for about an hour -- it was HOT!! I took a lot of photos along the way and was able to see a lot of the resort -- such a beautiful place! I stumbled across a Meditation Garden that was shaded and cool...and it even had a miniature Mayan ruin! When I got back to the room, I was drenched in sweat and my face was beet red! Whew!

Afterwards we went to the breakfast buffet with Kelsey/Kyle/Blaise/Kiki and ate some more yummy food! Then we moved on to a day by the pool with the boys playing with a ball and the girls floating on a raft. We also spent lots of time under the pool bridge in the shade! I also spent a little time relaxing in the hammock!

For dinner, our group took the resort shuttle and went to the other resort to Los Tacos, which was one of the best experiences of our trip! When we arrived, we weren't sure we were in the correct place because there was no one else there...but they assured us we were and they took amazing care of us! The food was incredible -- my fish tacos were fantastic! There were nachos and dessert and wonderful conversation...

After dinner, we headed back to our resort and had a night cap in the Sky Bar...and then we left the bar and the boys decided to kick off their flip flops and race down the marble floored hallway, in a foot race! Silly boys!

On the way back to our room, Chris and I sat on the beach wall and listened to the waves roll in and out. Another fantastic day!

Allison, Chris and Kiki -- the runners
My view, from the shade of a perfect umbrella
The Babers on their way to dinner
Our group waiting for the resort shuttle, heading to Los Tacos
Discarded flip flops :)

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