April 25, 2016

Cancun Post #5

4-14-16 Thursday

On Thursday of Cancun, a lot of our trip attendees participated in a Mission Trip -- so the resort was quieter than normal. Chris and I decided to not participate this year, since we did the last one...wanted to allow some others who weren't able to last time to get the chance...

We spent our day eating, drinking, and laying by the pool...just another day in paradise! We also decided to play put put at the resort with our group -- that was a lot of fun, but oh my it was so so so hot! There was no shade at the put put course, and no breeze. We broke into two groups of four, and Kyle won for our group and Jeremy won for the other. We were blessed by a golf cart driver offering us a shuttle ride back to the main lobby area, whew!

We headed back to the room to relax a little before dinner, and Chris ordered a pre-dinner from room service :) Cheese sticks, chicken fingers, pizza and mac and cheese! Then we headed to meet our group for dinner at Momo, the japanese hibachi. What a fun evening! We had sushi and sashimi, and fried rice and delicious main dishes of choice! Our cook put on quite a show, and we really enjoyed our evening. we had fried ice cream, which was not as good as we had expected -- it was fried in tempura which was odd with the ice cream! So, afterwards, we stopped at the ice cream shop and had some of that yumminess! Then we grabbed some drinks and sat outside by the pool, with our group of friends. Everyone was a bit wiped out from a fun week, so we all turned in early...

Loved this bird cage/chandelier display at Momo
The crepe maker was so fun! He was very good at his job and made me laugh!

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