April 26, 2016

Cancun Post #6

I'm working on a post about my 40th birthday!! In the meantime, we will finish out with two more posts about our Cancun trip!!

4-15-16 Friday

Friday morning began with a solo run for Chris...Kiki texted early to say he was sleeping in :) After Chris got back, we headed for breakfast and then we were back to the pool...our last full day in paradise.

Our group decided to head back to Los Tacos for a yummy lunch! When we got back, some of our people tried to the Flow Rider, which is like surfing -- that was pretty funny to watch! :) Then it was back to the pool!

We got cleaned up and headed to the FDLIC Awards Dinner -- the buffet was pretty tasty, and they presented the sales awards and showed a video about the mission trip. Aftewards, we had a few drinks out by the pool with Jeremy and Kayla...then it was off to bed!

Los Tacos
Me and Kelsey
Chris and Neeley
Mr. Neeley showing me how many mimosas he had enjoyed
Blaise, Jessica, me, Kelsey, and our new friend Roberta from MN
Me and Jessica
Chris and Kiki

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