April 27, 2016

Cancun Post #7

4-16-16 Saturday

The day for leaving -- we slept in a little bit, then had a leisurely breakfast at the buffet. Afterwards we went back to the room and packed up our stuff...then went to check out and have our all-inclusive wrist bands cut off :( We enjoyed a final ice cream from the amazing ice cream shop -- and then boarded the bus for the airport. From there it was a long day of travel -- lots of lines to get through -- security, customs, etc. The flight went well, no problems. And then we packed up Neeley and Zack into our truck and started our journey home! We stopped at Five Guys for American burgers (and Zack treated us!!). Back to home and back to our pups! They were so excited to see us!!!

We truly enjoyed our wonderful week at this gorgeous resort! We are blessed!

A final swing in the hammock!
A last selfie from our porch
This is the ice cream/coffee/crepe shop that was right inside the lobby --
we had to pass it multiple time a day and it was hard to resist!
This strawberry ice cream with strawberry/chocolate coating was SO DELICIOUS!!!
These are our pouty faces...we don't want to leave!

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