May 30, 2016

Donkey Weekend Post #1

Hi there! I have so much fun to share with you from Donkey Weekend! I am going to start off by showing you the place we stayed!

Chris found this rustic Bread & Breakfast on the Air B&B website. The family lives on site in a house from the 1800s, and then they have two options for your stay: a glamp site, which is a big, heavy duty tent that can hold multiple people, and a little camper attached to a turquoise truck. Chris reserved the camper for us -- it is called Scotty the Shasta! The best part about the Shasta is that it is sitting in a field with four donkeys!! More on those sweet things tomorrow. For now, here is a tour of the property!

Scotty the Shasta! An adorable old Ford truck, and a quaint, vintage camper.
All situated in a beautiful field -- gorgeous Texas landscape!
The camper was pretty small, but was perfect for the two of us! It had a full sized bed,
a little table, and a fan. The camper had recently gotten electricity thankfully!
So we were able to charge our phones at least! We kept the windows open
and the fan going, and it was pretty comfortable in there!
The bed was pretty comfy! And the bedding and decor was very cozy.
This is a view of the other end of the camper -- just the basics! There were no closets, etc.,
but there was a good chunk of empty space beneath the bed for us to store our stuff.
Right near our camper was our outhouse! On the left side is the outdoor shower...
it was a shower head that was hooked up to a garden hose! That made for a pretty
chilly shower!! On the right side is the toilet. It was a very nice outhouse, though
at night we did have to keep an eye out for spiders and scorpions!
The shower side, closeup
This was the little fire pit area -- two chairs, a grill, and the fire pit. It was a bit
too close to our camper, because we did s'mores one evening and
the smoke blew right into the camper!
This is the shelter for the donkeys! They were fed their hay here, and slept here some nights.
This is the communal barn...this is where Beth, the owner, put out coffee/tea/breakfast
in the mornings. It had a big table with a lot of chairs, a small fridge, etc.
The barn also had this cute green couch and art wall! It was cozy in there.
In addition to Scotty the Shasta, this is the tent that they have for rent. While we were
there, there was a group of 8 women staying in the tent, on cots. The owners are soon
going to get rid of this tent and install solid teepees in its place!
For those staying in the tent, they had a nice bathroom area complete with a real toilet,
sink, shower with hot water, and bathtub. The 8 women didn't arrive until Friday,
so we were able to use these nice amenities our first night there!
I love this little turquoise tub! I took a hot bath in it our first night there! It was
definitely a new experience to bathe under the stars!
So this was our home for a few days! Beth and Brandon have a very neat place and we enjoyed exploring and spending time with the donkeys!

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