May 25, 2016

One More Get Up!

It's almost time for Donkey Weekend!!! I am super excited!!

We've got one more get up before we head to our favorite town of Fredericksburg! And this time will have a special touch, as we are staying in Scotty the Shasta! It is just too cute! I can't wait to get there and check it all out...there is a bit of the "unknown" associated with this that is fun! Like:

:: How many donkeys are in this field of donkeys?? It is at least two we think...but is it more?

:: What is the inside of Scotty the Shasta like? I know there is a full sized bed with comfy linens. Is there a closet? Is there anything else in there?

:: How far away is the barn that has the bathroom? And what exactly are these bathrooms like?

:: What happens in the middle of the night when we need to go to the bathroom, and we have to walk in the dark to the barn??

:: Will we be able to get a fire started to make the S'MORES???

:: Will sleeping in the middle of a field cause me to have horrible (worse than normal) allergies??


I have never really been camping...and this is glamping (glamours camping), but it certainly isn't a hotel. It should be a fun wild adventure! I'm ready!!

We've got four more hours of work, and then we'll eat lunch and feed the pups and then get on the road! I'll be posting fun photos over on my Instagram feed if you want to follow there for the next few days! I won't be taking my laptop, so Sunday evening will be the earliest I'll post here again.

I hope you all have a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you and the donkeys have a super fun weekend! Save travels! PTS

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