May 24, 2016

Final Day of Whole30 #6!

:: Well...Day 2 of Headache and I'm not happy. :( I spent last on the couch, trying to read a bit but mostly laying there with my eyes closed. I slept very well, but as soon as I got up, yes, the headache. It hasn't been as bad today as it was yesterday...but I am ready for it to move on.

:: But, it was also Day 30 of my Whole30! The final day...I am glad I did it and I am hopeful for the upcoming weeks. I feel like I have had a shift in my thinking and hope that will help me make this a lifestyle. Time will tell. I know my weaknesses, and my weaknesses begin on Day 31.

:: Today at lunch, I attended a Lunch & Learn at work that was put on by a doctor in town. He had a whole lot to share with us and it was almost too much. He wasn't able to get through it all in the hour, but what he did present was good. I learned a few things. He does seminars in town, so I may attend one in the future.

:: Tonight's dinner was baked fish, roasted potatoes, and sauted zoodles. Another tasty one! Tomorrow, for my celebration for Whole30, I am making my fave -- beef stroganoff! Nom nom.

:: I'm working my way through season 10 of Grey's Anatomy -- sometimes I love it, sometimes it drives me bonkers! It goes through season 11 on Netflix, and then it will probably be awhile until the latest season, 12, is available. So, I'll take a break and see what else I can get hooked on!

:: I was very productive at work today - hooray!

:: I bought two new cds today and I am excited to get them! First, I got the new Jennifer Nettles cd called Playing with Fire...this one also came with digital music that went to my phone, so I listened to it a few times today. It is really good! I like it much better than her first solo album. This one is more like her Sugarland sound and I love that. I also discovered that Sawyer Fredericks (a past winner of The Voice that I really enjoyed) has finally come out with his debut album!! So I got that one too! That one did not have digital files, so I'll have to wait to actually get it to listen! Excited!

:: Ok, time for resting my headache...

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