May 23, 2016

Counting Down

:: Today is one of those headache days :( I woke up with it, and it got worse and then got better and then got worse...etc. Ready to go to sleep and hopefully wake up headache-free tomorrow.

:: Work was fairly productive this morning, but my afternoon was waylaid by multiple, long meetings.

:: Two and a half more work days!! Then it's Donkey Weekend! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am! I hope the weather is good with NO RAIN!!! I'll take my rain boots just in case :)

:: Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Day 30 of my sixth Whole30!! Very excited! I am feeling good, and in the zone, and in control. Which I love! I am going to enjoy our trip to Fredericksburg and then come back and pick it back up for the most part. Then I will enjoy my trip with my Mom, and then come home and pick it back up again. This is going to be my standard, and I'll enjoy what I want, when I want it. But, I do not want to go back to that bad place again!!

:: Time for dinner -- tonight I made turkey stuffed bell peppers, steamed carrots, and some rice. The peppers are a Daniel Plan recipe that I alter up a bit. They are yum!!

:: Last night (Sunday), when I went to remove my makeup before bed -- I realized that I had never put any on earlier that day! I took a shower, semi-did my hair, and off to the grocery store I went -- without any makeup! I'm not saying I need to wear makeup all the time...but it is rare that I do ever leave the house without any. And it is a bit scary that I didn't even realize it until that night. Losing my mind!!

:: That's about all I've got head is throbbing so I think it is time to lay on the couch with my brown dog and my fuzzy blanket! I'll try to read for a bit (I am really enjoying my book!) but that may be pushing it...

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