May 22, 2016

Weeked Recap

:: Friday evening, while I waited for Chris to get done working, I kicked back and put my feet up and watched some Grey's on my Kindle :) Then we headed off to Tokyo for some sushi and sashimi together! Afterwards, we decided to drive out to Fort Phantom lake for a bit -- the water there is at 100% capacity because of all our rain. Very rare. It was nice to listen to the water and spend a little time in nature! Then, home to relax...

:: Saturday morning, I picked up Kim and we enjoyed a nice breakfast together at The Flippin Egg. Enjoyed that immensely! Then we continued on to the May crop at Allison's house! We had a really fun day there and I was able to get about 40 pages started. Allison made a delicious baked potato bar for lunch, and we laughed a lot. Fun fun! Then I dropped Kim off and Chris and I went to dinner at Enchilada Express before heading home to relax.

:: Sunday, we slept in a bit and did not go to church -- the summer of guest speakers has started and we do enjoy that. However, they started off with a speaker that we have listened to before and neither of us liked. So we did not go. We ate breakfast out on the back porch and then Chris worked in the yard while I did laundry, grocery shopping, and gave the dogs baths! We did break for a bit in the late afternoon in order to spend some quality time in the pool! That was quite nice and relaxing, and afterwards we were pooped! I made chili for dinner, and now it is time to unwind and read.

:: The week ahead -- I'm attending a lunch and learn on Tuesday about health and am looking forward to that. And we are working a half day on Thursday and then leaving at lunch for our "donkey weekend" in Fredericksburg!!!! Sooooo excited!!!

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