May 19, 2016


Today I want to tell you about Chris' first experience with Cryo! Have you heard of that? It is a recovery treatment for athletes that use extreme cold temperatures to speed up the process. It recently came to Abilene, and I got Chris a 5 pack gift certificate for a holiday (his birthday? Christmas? can't remember at this point!)

It took a bit for him to get in touch with them to make an appointment...they seem to have weird hours! We finally got appointments, one for him and one for Kiki, for after their 20 mile run one Saturday. The boys ran and then I met them up at D1 for the procedure.

First up, they had their blood pressure taken to make sure their health could handle the cold temperature. They both checked out fine!

Then Chris went first...he stripped down to shorts and socks, then put on slippers and gloves that they provided. He got into the machine and closed the door, and then the person came back in to start the process. The temperature was extremely cold and he was in the machine for two and a half minutes. During that time, he had to turn in small, slow circles within the machine. It was super cold, but he felt like it did help his recovery afterward.

Kiki went second, and he enjoyed the process as well! And his son, Jayden, was very, very curious while he was in the machine too!!

Chris has three more sessions to use!

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