May 18, 2016

Bombfell #3

A few weeks ago, Chris received his third Bombfell shipment! This time, there were four items...a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, a polo shirt, and a short sleeve button up shirt. It was fun to turn the tables where he was trying it all on and I was taking the photos :)

These shorts...oh my! They were an interesting lightweight tweed material, and they had these contrasting striped belt loops. They were honestly a tad girlie...and the size and fit were pretty tight. Even on me, because yes I tried them on too! Too tight on me too! These were a definite no!

These pants were more in line with Chris' conservative style, colorwise...they fit really well and the length was good too! A good pair of khaki pants! Only...the fabric was linen. And yes, linen is nice...but not when your husband is highly anal about wrinkles, etc...there is no way that he could have worn these longer than 10 minutes! These unfortunately were a NO.

This Penquin shirt is great! It is a nice coral/salmon color, the fabric is really nice, and the fit is perfect! He liked it and I liked it on him! This one was a keeper!

This shirt was iffy...the color was nice, and Chris typically likes a good button down. However, this fit a little too loose and baggy (he's a very slim fella!), and the fabric was pretty scratchy and not comfy. That's no fun. So this one was a no too.

Chris kept one of the four pieces, but we are pleased with that. Since he never shops for clothing, we will take it!

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